Iron On Individual Names

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Iron On Individual Names

If you need iron on Individual Names for t/shirts, polo shirts, sloppy jos and other items then you have arrived at the correct place.

Our iron on products can be applied manually with a hand held iron in a matter of minutes.


  1. Enter the Individual Name in the Enter Name Box.
  2. Decide on the Font type from the list of available Fonts (clicking on a font name will change the displayed image)
  3. Select an appropriate letter height in mm
  4. Pick a colour
  5. Enter the quantity


  • Manufactured from PVC Iron On Vinyl
  • Suitable for 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester and Polyester/Cotton Blends.
  • The whole individual name is cut out in one piece. This means that you just place the whole name onto the item and do not have to line up individual letters. The letters are pre-aligned onto a plastic carrier (see the image photo).


Most Individual names we manufactue are 200mm wide to a maximum width of 290mm. They are designed to fit on one line only. It is possible to have two or three words in the team name (one the one line) but keep in mind that the lettering will be "narrowed" to fit into the 290mm maximum width.


The length of a Individual name is determined by font height and the font type that you select. When you order it is not possible for us to determine the length the name will be until we have manufactured the name. Most names 40mm height and above will be within the 200 to 290 mm range. 20mm and 30mm names could be less than the 200 mm width. However if you have a maximum width that you do not wish the name to exceed please enter this into the field. We will then ensure the name will not exceed this length.

Please enter the name in all Uppercase or upper and lowercase. You will be supplied the name exactly as you type it.


Iron On Instructions

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