Iron On Number 20cm Block Font

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20cm (200mm) High Numbers Block Font

These Professional looking sports Numbers are in the Block Font measuring 20cm tall (200mm). These Numbers are made from PVC Iron On Vinyl and have a soft feel.



  • Made from PVC Flex in a thermo transferable material (you can apply with a household iron).
  • Mainly used for numbering sports uniforms including basketball, touch football, oztag and soccer.
  • cotton, poly/cotton blends  or 100% polyester garments
  • Withstands washing up to 60 deg celsius


  • Each Number is 20cm (200mm) tall.
Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0
Width in mm 58 120 120 127 120 127 112 119 127 126




  • Industrial heat press - firm pressure
  • Can use a manual iron
  • Dwell time 6 to 10 seconds
  • Temperature 140 - 160 deg celsius
  • COLD PEEL recommended
We strongly RECOMMEND the use of our Teflon Transfer Sheet to make manual ironing on much easier and the results will be professional looking. The teflon covers the number whilst you are ironing onto the garment. Please note as a substitute you can use household baking paper.



  • We have used our best endeavours to describe the colours in the colour chart and the colour swatches in the product description.
  • the Colour swatches (in the options) best represent the actual colours
  • Different browsers may interpret the colours shown slightly differently so if the colour you choose is critical please contact us and we can send you a small sample in the post so that you can check if your chosen colour meets your requirements.


Iron On Instructions

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